Raquel received a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance and String Pedagogy from the conservatories of music in Salamanca and Madrid (Spain).  She moved to the States in 1989 to study under violinist Vartan Manoogian and string pedagogue Marvin Rabin.  She holds a Master of Violin Performance and a Masters of Ethnomusicology from UW-Madison.

Her interest in Latin American music has been a strong part of her life since she was a little girl.  Along with Francisco López, she published in 1999 "A Collection of Latin American Folk Songs" (Hal Leonard, 1999), a book that compiles transcriptions of Latin American music with a strong focus on Andean music.

Versatile both academically and artistically, She not only performs Western classical music, but Latin American folk music in a variety of musical settings.  She is at ease composing, arranging music for youth string orchestras, researching Latin American musical traditions, lecturing, and performing.  Several trips to Latin America had let her a first-hand knowledge of musical traditions from Bolivia (High Land and southern regions), Puerto Rico, Chile, Cuba, and Mexico.  She is part of the acclaimed Madison based Latin American ensemble Sotavento, noted by its cross-over musical work and new approaches to traditional and contemporary Latin American musical expressions. 

She lives in Madison, WI, where she teaches a large studio of young violinists and violists, combining this activity with her performing career.  Founding member of the Sirinx Music School, Raquel teaches every summer at the Sirinx summer music camp in Spain, where she conducts, teaches violin, and leads a workshop on siku making and playing.

  Enrique is a multimedia artist, a musician, and a sound sculpture designer. He has been performing, composing and recording traditional and experimental music for the past 25 years, while, at the same time, developing a national reputation as a visual artist.  As an artist with a strong background in music, he has created a body of sculptural work based on acoustical principles and cultural traditions from around the world.  His work in sound sculpture is a truly unique fusion of art and music (
He plays a variety of string musical instruments (Colombian bandola, Puerto Rican cuatro, charango, and guitar) as well as wind instruments of the Andean regions such as Quena and Quenacho.  In the past, he has been part of the Madison-based groups Sotavento and the Latin folk trio Paraguas.  He has been part of Cuicani since 1995.

Francisco is a founding member of Cuicani and a self-taught musician whose strong will and love for Latin American music have made him a major force in promoting Latin American events in Madison and surrounding areas.  As a founding member of the celebrated Latin American group Sotavento, he has participated in eight recording by the group on Redwood Records and Discos Pueblo.  Presently, he continues being a major creative force in the group.

Together with Raquel, he is the co-author of the book "A Collection of Latin American Folk Songs" (Hal Leonard, 1999).

He has collaborated with several Latin American musicians performing throughout the United States.  For the last fifteen years, he has been teaching at the Sirinx music camp in Salamanca, Spain, where he is a driving force in teaching Latin American Folk Traditions in combination with Western Classical musical traditions.  His deep knowledge of the former and his experience as a composer and a performer, have made him a key person in the process of fostering awareness of eclectic music approaches in the education of young children around the world.

Presently, he runs a recording studio where he explores music from his other passion: electronics, digital era, and computers.

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